University AI Assistant

A virtual self-service assistant for colleges and universities

About University AI Assistant

Are you an educational institute that receives 1000s of inquiries on your e-mail, phone and becoming challenging to address all the queries within the time?
If yes, our AI Assistant can be handy to address students’ inquiries on the Admission Process, Course Details, Fees Details, Placement Details, Financial Aid, Career Services, HR, Student Affairs, Dorms, and many more in a fraction of sections. This can save teachers and the administrative team valuable time and work on more creative and priority tasks.

Why Our
University AI Assistant?

To answers students’ questions day and night and make your student support service responsive, productive, and efficient.


  • Limited time (9 to 5 only)
  • Wait time (minutes to hours)
  • No choice or limited channel choice
  • Vary service from representative to representative
  • No or limited Analytics
  • High support cost
  • Frustrated students because delay in response
  • Frustrated staff working on repetitive, mundane issues and long hours
  • Ineffective evaluation of student service

TuVA – University
AI Assistant

  • Anytime – 24 x 7
  • Instant response/resolution (seconds)
  • Multiple omni channels to choose from
  • Webchat, Mobile chat, MS Team, Email, Ticketing system
  • Consistent service, consistent resolution
  • Advance AI Analytics for better decision making
  • 75% cost savings
  • Empowered students - 24x7 and instant resolution
  • Empowered staff focusing on complex or more valuable initiatives
  • Semantic analysis based efficient feedback system

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