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How to make your Customer Helpdesk work 24×7

For any flourishing business, it means an increase in the number of customers, which essentially means you have to provide a dedicated helpdesk support service, else face the wrath of a dissatisfied customer. You don’t want that do you?

Hence in the event of increased demand for out-of-hour customer helpdesk support, transitioning from weekday operations to 24/7 is the only option you are left with.

In such a scenario these business decisions and opportunity costs need to carefully talk through. You will be faced with questions like:

  • Do we need this?
  • Can we afford this?
  • What happens if we don’t provide this support?


COVID has decentralized the workforce and opened the doors of remote working. While it has many advantages from a business perspective but it can pose a real challenge when it comes to employing human resources to satisfy your customer queries and needs especially when the resources are operating from a remote location.

On the other hand, you have staff, contractors, and clients that may need access to your system round the clock, and the number of unanswered tickets is growing. You have a situation to address.

How to make your helpdesk work 24×7 is a concern that needs your attention. This is exactly where Turabit comes to the rescue. Our range of 24/7 helpdesk solutions – CX AI Assistant, IT Helpdesk AI Assistant, HR AI Assistant are available on various channels such as email, chat, ITSM ticketing, and CRM tools. These Assistants provide impeccable solutions that are suitable for both internal and outbound support.

What you need is an automated customer service that reduces your dependency on human resources for every mundane and repetitive task.

Helpdesk automation service is a systematic solution that involves the use of AI-based tools like chatbots and others such as knowledge base, a live chat that ensures no support question goes unanswered.

Turabit has proven industry experience in smart CX AI assistant that utilizes advanced AI / ML (Machine Learning) algorithm to handle frequent customer queries and requests and increase the speed of your services thus enhancing brand value.


Customers are always looking for a quick resolution. 75% of customers expect their issues to be resolved and addressed within five minutes. Failure to do so results in customers shifting to competitors which means loss of revenue.

In the following course, we will explore the different ways through which support desk software enables your business to Deliver 24/7 Support Without Staff.


Today customers are flooded with options to contact the business entity that they have already transacted with. According to a Statista report digital remains the preferred channel for customer resolution.

An ideal customer automation system is one where every customer communication [email, chat, social media post, etc.] lands at your customer support desk. Helpdesk AI Assistant and the customer service automation software running it acts as a single point of contact that helps you to stay on top of every incoming communication.


As mentioned in our previous study 53% of organizations use support Chatbot for their own IT and other departments while 20% use it for the customer service department, so you must have an escalation plan in place.

Most chatbots fail because they are not fed with probable situations to deal with. Turabit provides seamless customer service since our AI-based smart assistant is built with machine learning algorithms that make us the best helpdesk system providers in the business. When AI & ML is combined to join forces with NLP (natural language processing) it makes our chatbot as good as a human agent.

An escalation plan should be your last option.


Decreasing the load on your support team is the very basis off like you should have automated customer support in the first place. Implement 24 hours customer service knowledge bases and tools for users are inevitable for quick troubleshooting of their technical issues.


A ticketing system that is powered by AI & ML helps to integrate the end-to-end solution. In due course of time, these systems evolve based on the collection and application of historical data, instances, and insights.


By now we have covered How to make your helpdesk work 24×7 and the best practices to be followed. Now that it is answered let us quickly enumerate some of the benefits of AI Helpdesk Chatbot that would help any business to figure out why they need it ASAP.

  • Faster Response – Whether it is customers or your own support staff waiting period means a lack of motivation. This is where customer service automation solutions like AI-based smart assistants and self-service portals come in handy.
  • Reduced Overhead Costs – The best helpdesk system, is characterized by one that reduces overhead costs significantly. When a substantial number of service tickets are resolved by automation tools and self-service portals it results in a leaner customer service team.
  • 24/7 Support Becomes a Reality – 74% of customer service leaders expect an increase in contact volume through 2021 and this means providing round-the-clock support is an inevitability. Letting customers know that you are receptive to their needs whether it’s past midnight on a weekday or an early Sunday morning. It goes a long way towards the brand establishment.



Increase in demand, shortage in customer support staff and increase in support cost has been hurting customer service. It has lead to frustration, and dissatisfaction among customers often. These attributes are enough to hurt the enterprise with substantial inefficiency costs, support staff headaches causing resistance to business growth.

Leveraging NLP and NLU technologies, conversational AI-based virtual assistants can extract the intent from lengthy and probably unstructured conversations to one that is more informational. For example – cancel an account, provision a software application, manage online subscriptions, etc.

With machine learning, your chatbot learns a lot about various instances and how AI-driven CX service desks grow every day by enabling self-service automation.

Choose Turabit 24/7 support strategy and AI service desk solution to boost up your customer service desk, reduce cost and increase customer loyalty and brand value.


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