Service Desk AI Assistant

Resolve complex service desk issues in seconds and boost productivity for exceptional employee experiences.

About Service Desk AI Assistant

Currently, most organizations have their support processes and teams to resolve Service Desk issues. In most cases, employees raise an IT ticket, e-mail the team, call the Service Desk team, and then wait for help. But rather than dealing with multiple systems and a long wait, employees want a single place to resolve every issue right away. That is where our TuVA - Service Desk AI Assistant comes into the picture. TuVA interacts with employees to understand service requests and IT issues and resolve them within seconds.

Why Our
Service Desk AI Assistant?

Using leading technologies - AI & RPA, TuVA - offers instant resolution to most IT issues with personalized conversational touch.

Conventional Service
Desk support

  • Limited time (9 to 5 only)
  • Wait time (hours to days)
  • No choice or limited channel choice
  • Vary service from agent to agent
  • No or limited Analytics
  • Manual and inconsistent
  • High Service cost
  • Frustrated employees
  • Frustrated support team working on repetitive, mundane issues

TuVA - Service
Desk AI Assistant

  • Anytime – 24 x 7
  • Instant resolution (seconds)
  • Multiple Omni Channel to choose from
  • Webchat, Mobile chat, MS Team, Email, Ticketing system
  • Consistent service, consistent resolution
  • Advance AI Analytics for better decision making
  • Proactive, preventive solution
  • 25% cost
  • Empowered employees
  • Empowered support team focusing on complex or business initiative

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your use cases to design
your custom
Service Desk AI Assistant.

Featured Capabilities

Highlights of few features which make employees and Service Desk Team life easier

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