RPA powered AI Assistants

Automate service desk issues, repetitive tasks, processes, and workflows

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers organizations to automate their business processes and workflow through intelligent automation that eliminates manual or human intervention in repetitive and rule-based tasks. It boosts employees' efficiency and productivity, increases employee satisfaction, and significantly reduces operational efficiency costs.

How does Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
work with AI Assistants?

Virtual assistants, with the help of AI, can understand requests from employees and customers and perform role-based, rule-based, repetitive tasks with the use of RPA.

RPA handles structured data, whereas AI uses semi-structured/unstructured data. Turabit’s AI Assistants powered with RPA instantly and accurately resolve user requests, issues autonomously using a dynamic knowledge base, personalized touch, and proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. Automating complex workflows end-to-end, conversational RPA saves precious time for your employees and support teams.

Smart AI Assistants are configurable and perform specific tasks like triggering appropriate responses and executing tasks rule-based without any mistakes.

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your processes, workflows, ServiceDesk issues to design your custom
Smart Assistant Powered by AI & RPA.

Featured Capabilities

Turabit’s RPA combined with AI capabilities empower customers and employees to self-service most issues and automate front office and back-end processes.

Out-Of-The-Box Resolutions for Service Desk Issues

With more than 1000s of out-of-box resolutions powered by our RPA capabilities, we can start generating ROI, and our solution pays itself within 2-4 months.

Customized IT Resolution With Our Inhouse Auto IT Script

One of our clients wanted to automate resolution for the Lync issue for their advanced IT team. We automated the Lync issue, as shown here. We can customize any simple to complex problems and processes using our in-house developed Auto IT script-powered with AI capabilities.

No-Code Configurable
Visual Flow

Create configurable visual flow management that allows triggered conversationally, scheduled operations, or through events using Turabit’s built-in configurable dashboard that orchestrates tasks and actions across multiple applications.

Get Exceptional User Experience & Reduce Cost

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