HR AI Assistant

Automates onboarding, offboarding, and day-to-day HR support needs.

About HR AI Assistant

The HR AI Assistant is an AI-based automated solution that focuses on helping the HR reps transform the work experience and navigating and simplifying the complexities of modern-day HR activities. The HR AI Assistant can connect with up-to-date employee handbooks, policy documents, CRMs, and other related software to resolve employees' queries instantly in real-time.

The HR Assistant uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to understand human communication and provides meaningful results accordingly.

Why Our
HR AI Assistant?

With our HR AI Assistant, you can reduce up to 70-75% cost reduction due to increased employees' productivity and a decrease in HR workload.

HR Support

  • Limited time (9 to 5 only).
  • Wait time (minutes to hours).
  • No choice or limited channel choice.
  • Vary service from HR to HR.
  • Manual and inconsistent.
  • High HR cost.
  • Frustrate employees because delay in response.
  • Frustrated HR team working on repetitive, mundane issues & long hours.

AI Assistant

  • Anytime – 24 x 7
  • Instant response/resolution (seconds)
  • Multiple Omni Channel to choose from
  • Webchat, Mobile chat, MS Team, Email, Ticketing system
  • Consistent service, consistent resolution
  • Advance AI Analytics for better decision making
  • Proactive, preventive solution
  • 75% cost savings
  • Empowered employees - 24x7 and instant resolution
  • Empowered HR team focusing on complex or more valuable initiatives

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your use cases to design
your custom
HR AI Assistant.

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