Customer Experience (CX) AI Assistant

Deliver exceptional customer experience
with self-service solutions

About CX AI Assistant

Customer Experience (CX) AI Assistant empowers customers and customer support team with a tireless 24/7 AI-powered smart assistant to resolve customer’s queries and issues in real-time. Assistant can help with generating leads, collecting feedback, verifying customers before providing details, identifying, and learning and sharing customer analytics to improve sales and services.

Why Our
CX AI Assistant?

Empower Customers to serve themselves
Anywhere, Anytime

24/7 Customer-Service on Any Device

With our enterprise level Conversational AI and RPA. Say bye to long wait times and 9 to 5 limited business hours across all channels and devices.

Premium service and treatment to every Customers

Through our Conversational AI it provides personalized interactions to customers and handle millions of requests at the same.

Eliminate support team Burnout

Our AI Assistant learns from every customer conversation, handles customer repetitive concerns quickly, efficiently, & accurately.

Service Desk Productivity at Unimagined Level

CX AI Assistant relieves service agents from monotony & enables them to focus on higher-value tasks & business strategic initiatives, boosting service desk productivity to a new level.

Increase Customer Retention and Loyalty

By providing fast, personalized, & consistent self-service experiences. Turabit’s Conversational AI delivers immersive & engaging multi-turn conversations to customers with full support for voice, chat, and text.

1 Million+





Improvement in

$3 - $4

Savings for
Every $1 Spent

Featured Capabilities

Equipped with Conversational AI, Unsupervised NLP, state of art RPA, and Knowledge Management,
Turabit Assistant improves customer experience dramatically.

Get Exceptional User Experience & Reduce Cost

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