Onboarding and supporting skilled candidates, freelancers & employers through Smart AI Customer Service


  • UpRizeNow is a bridge between skilled professionals and the companies needing them.
  • It eradicates all middlemen and connects people with people for recruitment directly without sharing personal contact details.
  • Short-term, part-time, or full-time on demand requirements can be discussed and fulfilled between the seeker and the employer straightaway through the UpRizeNow online - it is like Uber for finding jobs and hiring people.

The Smart CX AI Assistant helps to increase conversation rate by 45% & customer experience by 75%

-Anshul Gupta, Associate Director


  • UpRizeNow drives hundreds of visitors to their website daily. However, the conversation rate was lesser than expected with traditional approach. When customers reach out for support or questions, it was a long wait time with ever increasing demands. They did not have insights about customers visiting the website. Increased overhead in time-consuming processes for invoice generation & payment processing, and verification.
  • The UpRizeNow team realized the need for AI-powered-based automation to scale the support team without investing heavily and instant client support for better customer experience.



  • UpRizeNow partnered with Turabit to build a Smart CX AI Assistant called UpRizeNow AI Assistant for their website, internal support and automating processes. UpRizeNow AI Assistant was designed to help in following:
  • To onboard the employers and professional candidates.
  • Helps candidate for their queries, concerns related to eligibility, registration process, payment, onboarding and many more.
  • Helps employers for their queries related to candidate matching, assignment posting, registration process, help for onboarding, and many more.
  • Use Advanced AI matching tool to find right candidates for jobs, find right jobs for candidates.


As in result, Uprize got ROI in 90 days by achieving the followings things

30 sec

For Average customer response


CSAT increased


Customers in 18 Months


Automated multiple workflows increase in speeding various processes.


Hours in productivity in 2 Months