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has Redefined Student Experiences by Addressing their Inquries Instantly & Effciently


  • The Gujarat University is a public state university located in Gujarat, India. The university is an affiliating university at the undergraduate level and a teaching university at the postgraduate level. It is accredited B++ by NAAC.
  • At Gujarat University nearly three hundred thousand students study in the courses, faculties & Affiliated Institutes.
  • Gujarat University is the largest university in the state catering to the needs of higher education of more than two lakh students scattered over 235 colleges, 15 recognized institutions & 24 approved institutions. Also, there are 34 Post-Graduate University departments & 221 P.G. Centers.
  • Gujarat University has developed phenomenally in the last 67 years to be recognized as a premier University in the country today. It provides education in one of the widest range of disciplines to about two lakh students.

You made it so simple for students to prepare resume, preparing interview and find job. Your chatbot is now implemented for Admission support system, hope that it will help students to find right course in this competitive world.

Dr. Bijendra S Agrawal Director, Rollwala Computer Centre, Gujarat University


GU was facing the below issues.

Long Waiting Period to address Students Inquiries within the time.

Administrator Cost.

Not Having Enough Resources to address Students all the Inquiries/Issues.

Students Not Getting timely Help from Administrator Team.

Difficult to address lot of Inquiries within the time.


With the above consistent issues, GU obtain the need for automation, and they set the below compatibility goals.


Based on analysis of GU requirements and vision, Turabit implemented Smart AI Assistant.


Provided seamless support to students which boosts their productivity.


Help students in preparing for the Job Interviews for their better professional career.


Employer & Candidates can register for Job placements.


Students can check out for the various vacancies.


Guide students to prepare a cover letter.


It helps Students / Employers to register themselves for Placement drive.


Students can provide feedback.


Students can get .


As in result, GU got ROI in 90 days by achieving the followings things.


Students Supported


Queries addressed (90% success)


Hours saved in productivity


Invested, reaped return of