About Turabit

With the vision to empower humanity with AI to eliminate customary and extend creativity, Turabit is changing how companies support their employees and customers. First AI platform which resolves service desk issues immediately and automatically. From IT issues to HR onboarding, from customer queries to customer orders, Turabit understands, analyzes employees' and customers’ needs, and provides the right solution consistently in seconds, using enterprise-level conversational AI Assistants. Our AI Assistants allow customers like CasePoint, The Construction Store, Malhaar, Uprize, vTech, and MDB, to focus on what matters. We have a mission to gift the world with Intelligent & self-learning AI agents to support commodities services and allow creativity through innovation with our solution.

About People

Turabit people from different backgrounds worldwide believe that AI can eliminate customary, increase creativity, and change the way employees and customers are supported. The growth of people by challenging each other for their next level has been instrumental for the progress and success of Turabit.