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TuVA – Service desk AI Assistant identifies & resolves employee's issues such as Computer is slow, Emails send / receive not working, or password reset instantly that increases employee productivity and efficiency of support team. Learn More

Customer Experience (CX) AI Assistant empowers customers with 24x7 support with instant resolutions to their queries and issues. Powered by advanced AI, our TuVA personalizes conversation and gives real human touch and experience. Learn More

HR AI Assistant provides instant, accurate responses to 1000s employee queries and concerns by integrating with various systems. Free up HR resources for faster recruitment, employee engagement and other critical/creative work. Learn More

Career Counselling AI assistant helps guides students for career planning, career selection, resume preparation, and interview preparation. It provides support to employer for students screening during campus interview. Learn More

  • 1000+ Out of box Automated IT tickets resolution
  • 35 – 55 seconds Average resolution Time
  • 70 - 80% Auto resolution rate
  • 88% Improvement in CSAT & ESAT
  • $4 to $5 Savings for every $1 spent

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How Smart AI Assistant Work?

Without Smart AI Assistant

In traditional world, most companies resolve support issues manually. In this approach, customer or employee request a ticket through email, ITSM portal or call. This ticket will be picked up by Level1 technician based on availability after long wait. During this time, customer or employee is frustrated and often unproductive waiting for their issues to be resolved.

If Level 1 technician can not resolve issue, it will be escalated to Level2 and cycle of wait time and explanation restarts increasing loss in productive and frustration. If Level2 technical cannot resolve, it goes to Level3 and then Supervisor / Manager.

Though this approach gives most human touch possible. It is not productive and efficient in this current world where time is gold, and no one wants to wait even for minutes. It is surprising that even today, customers and employees have to wait for minutes hours or even days.

With Smart AI Assistant

With our AI Assistant, it is completely changed. The way our AI Assistant works is it gives options for employees and customers to choose channels and resolve issues instantly.

With Our AI Assistant, no need to create a ticket. Customers/Employees can simply email about their issue or problem, chat with our Tuva in natural conversational method or create a ticket. In any of options, resolution will be delivered immediately. 60 to 80% Level 1 or Level 2 issues taken care. For remaining 20 to 40% issues when if our AI Assistant can not resolve issue, it smoothly escalate to Level2 through multiple choices decided by support team such as email to support team, ITSM ticket, or seamless transfer to live chat agent.

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